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The UMSHoF Celebrity Fishing Tournament is has slips set aside for our anglers at the Postcard Inn Marina. Slips vary in size and price and are on a fist come first serve basis.

To book your slip please call Kat, the Dock Master on her cell at 305-394-4263. If she does not answer please leave her a message.


Pelican Cove – 305-664-4435
Slips for 22’ boats at $40 per night. Larger boats must take 2 slips

Smuggler’s Cove – 305-664-5564
Slips up to 55’ at $3/foot per night

Bud & Mary’s – 305-664-2461
Slips up to 27’ at $2/foot per night
Slips for over 27’ up 55’ at $3/foot per night

Post Card Inn (Kat) – 305-433-9941
11 slips of various sizes – $3 per foot
Smaller boats can tie up without power or water at $2 per foot per night

Snake Creek – 305-396-7724
Slips at $2/foot up to 40’ boat depending on draft

Caloosa Cove – 305-664-4455
Slips up to 27’ at $2/foot per night


For Charter Information please click here to download PDF

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